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The Foundation for Equity Resources for Community-based Needs

Building a Brighter Future for All

The Foundation for Equity Resources and Community Based Needs is a charitable organization that encourages and supports creativity, innovation, and excellence that connects and enhances educational opportunities. We aim to bridge the equity-gap that exists between communities and enhance student instruction and performance by closing this gap.

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How We Help

From Classrooms to Careers

The Foundation for Equity Resources and Community Based Needs works tirelessly to provide quality, long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting our community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against indifference, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.


Classrooms to Careers

Students involved in the Classroom to Careers Partnership use the “Let’s Science That” Podcasting initiative to share STEM based content with students locally and globally.  “Let’s Science That!” showcases the scientific efforts of the students to the local community and the world. This student-driven platform—from the website to social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—highlights independent research investigations conducted by research students in grades 10-12 at Brentwood High School.  This multidisciplinary venue has granted students the opportunity to create and share their research of emerging relevance through podcasts, video and art.

No Child or Teacher Left Inside

There is an imminent need to train the next generation of conservation minded citizens.  Our project engages students stewards in research, outreach and education of the coastal marine environment in Suffolk County, NY.  Specifically, our project engages young student stewards and scientists in a quest to uncover and share through media and student-driven scientific research the need to preserve and protect our coastal ecosystems.  Our program starts in the salt marsh at Flax Pond Marine station where we aim to train student stewards on the importance of this habitat as a nursery and breeding grounds for many marine invertebrates and vertebrates.   Here, we will focus on questions of emerging relevance that include but are not limited to: marsh biology, marsh restoration and marsh eutrophication.  We will have a special focus on the distribution and abundance of striped bass in this pond and have local DEC representatives and flax pond officials focus on the importance of salt marshes.


Scientists and Teachers Engaging in Professional Development with University Personnel

The Scientists and Teachers Engaging in Professional Development with University Personnel (STEPD-UP) Professional Development (PD) program is an innovative approach to bridging the gap between Stony Brook University and the Brentwood Union Free School District, Long Island New York.   With funds from the US Department of Education, ESEA, Title II Math Science Partnership Grant sponsored by New York State Department of Education STEPD-UP was successfully rolled out in the BUFSD.  The PD program engages middle school teachers and bilingual teachers, grades 7-9 in hands-on learning.  The STEPD-UP program showcases teachers working with scientists to engage in exploration of New York State Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.   Through exploration in Long Island’s salt marshes and marine ecosystems we dovetail NGSS Engineering Design standards with Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems. STEPD-UP showcases teachers engaging in the process of “Let’s Science That!”.  With the assistance of professors from Stony Brook University’s Department of Ecology and Evolution, we showcase educators developing models, collecting data and designing experiments to be used with their students.   In our video, teachers become scientists with the assistance of University Personnel.

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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What We Do

Lending a Helping Hand

FERN will invest in practices, and execute programs, and initiatives that prepare students of all ages to be successful.  Specifically:

• FERN will collaborate with educators to create challenging, meaningful, and relevant learning experiences.

• FERN will work with students to create a passion for lifelong learning. The FERN will encourage and support students to be critical thinkers, innovators, respectful and compassionate individuals, and socially responsible global citizens.

 • The FERN believes that education is a shared responsibility among parents, students, school personnel, higher education partners, and community members at large we aim to bridge the gap between all parties.  

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