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Classroom to Careers Podcast With the Commish

Updated: May 4, 2021

On February 16th 2021, Brentwood High School students Juan Delgado and Joshua Castellanos launched the first episode of the Classroom to Careers Podcast with an interview of the Suffolk County Labor Commissioner Rosalie Drago. The Classroom to Careers podcast is a partnership between Brentwood research students, the High School Career Education office, and the Suffolk County Department of Labor. The Podcast series is an off-shoot of the “Let’s Science That!” program that was established during the beginning of the pandemic to showcase student STEM research and the work of regional, national and international scientists.

The classroom to Careers podcast sheds light on the career opportunities available to students in high school and beyond. With the assistance of the Commissioner of Labor, the students garnered an inside look at local companies like String Instrument Company D’Addario. Please Check out the first edition of the series at:

or on Stream with video at:

The students involved in the effort were trained by the Brentwood Public Library and have been putting their skills to good use. We are grateful for our partners at the Brentwood Public Library and the Suffolk County Department of Labor. Team work makes the dream work!

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